Monday, June 1, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Woohoo! The games have begun in honor of Limelight's 1st birthday! You need to see this post here for all the details. This post is dedicated to Jennifer's Photo Scavenger Hunt. (I did this for the last World Card Making Day with the Limelight folks and it was a riot!) So this photo is "a cat nap" from Easter two years ago. It was a big day for my daughter. She got her first real boo-boo, a big bruise in the middle of her forehead, and held her bottle by herself for the first time. She is pictured here with my SIL. Doesn't my SIL look like Ozzy in this photo? If she ever reads this, she will laugh and know I don't mean anything by it;)
This is my photo to represent "something yummy". This one is multiple choice! Take your pick: a) the beautiful scenery of Koh Samui, Thailand, b) my YUMMY hubby, or c) the icy cold, tasty beverage in his hand. I looked for his traditional flexing pose, but just couldn't find one. Sorry to disappoint!

This last photo is "four". If you are a mom, you likely recognize it! This is the chaos of a "four" year old birthday party. I took photos for my bff at her daughter's party. Clearly, I'm not a pro, but I could hardly get photos of the birthday girl opening her presents. The swarm of other four year olds on top of her was helping to open the gift, seeing what she got and just generally feeding off the excitement in the air! Whew, talk about crazy. I am going to try to get away with family birthday parties for as long as I can! I didn't feature my daughter in this photo as she was only 2 then.

Do you think this is worth some Shimmerz Spritz? I hope so;) If not, it was totally worth the trip down memory lane this evening!

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