Monday, December 19, 2011

Friends of Speedy Go Clean

We are going Clean and Simple this week over at the Friends of Speedy TV.  I broke out this fabulous poinsettia wreath by Mark's Finest Papers, A Heinrich Company.   The set Christmas Wreath mini contains both the image and the sentiment.  I combined those with a little embossing a mat and some gold cord.  Voila, a Christmas card. 

I have read recently about households being ravaged by flu.  I missed the last two days of my work week due to what had to have been a flu that my daughter had.  My husband had an annual party that he hosts to complete on Saturday, so that left me to care for her.  I have never used so much Lysol Disinfecting Spray in all my life.  My daughter had a raging fever and was vomiting and I did not want it.  The good news is that she is better now and I think I have just about passed through the time period for incubation of a germ and may have escaped!  Cross your fingers!  Sorry about the grossness of the last paragraph, but that will explain my absence on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bonnie aka raduse said...

Oh my!! This is just gorgeous in all pink!

Benzi said...

Ooh, la, la...I love this beautiful CAS card. Lovely job on the poinsettia wreath.

So sorry about the flu hitting your household. How sick your poor daughter must have been. Glad she's getting better and that you haven't gotten it. Take care...and keep spraying.