Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who doesn't love a good challenge or 5?

Me, that's who!!! I can hardly resist a set of good challenges. Seriously, last week, I made 10 cards. The first half of them, I was seriously low on creativity but I pushed through anyway.
This was the first of five VSN challenges from last Friday's mini. The task here was to take one holiday stamp and use it to create a card for a different holiday! I love what I did as it was simple yet effective. I took my candy cane stamp and made myself a little old heart. Fun stuff, huh?
I was feeling a little low on creativity, so I just went clean and simple. It seems to work okay for me!

This next card was for the second VSN challenge from Saturday. The challenge here was to make a one layer card that looks like several layers, via the technique called masking. This one to me looks like the tan layer is under the pink layer. I'm not really sure how I made that happen, but I did. I was a little disappointed that the text in the center came up so dark over my floral image.

Mojo deficit? Probably!

Oh well, it's still pretty!

This was the hardest of all the challenges for me! The third challenge of VSN was to make a card inspired by the "Masquerade" scene from Phantom of the Opera. Of course, I have never seen Phantom of the Opera, so I did watch the video clip provided by the VSN hostess. I chose to be inspired by the heroine in this scene. She looked so sweet in her pale pink gown. I took my focal image from the flowers that she wore in her hair. I chose my sentiment as it seemed quite as proper as she!
I used a sketch from the Verve October Release sketches to flesh out this card. I try to always have an assortment of sketches on hand when VSN comes up. I find that this saves me some time!

Here is the card that I made for the fourth VSN challenge on Saturday. I had an idea in mind and made this card while watching cartoons with Sweet Pea on Sunday morning. The task was to use the technique called masking. I added to the challenge by working in the latest CAS challenge to create a sympathy card!
This was the fifth and final challenge of this mini-VSN. Ah, my favorite card of the bunch! The task here was to "create a card that wears a mask, one that enhances the main image without hiding it, an accent". This was super fun! I am certain that I will do this technique again.

There are so many details to list, that I have provided a link to each card in my SCS gallery rather than take up space here!

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