Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spider Legs

Wow, these are way easier for a 4 year old when they are scored.  So I got out my Scor-pal and scored every inch for her.  It was still hard for her to figure out how to fold it back and forth.  She wanted to wrap it around and around.  Finally, we settled on a method.  "Fold it up, turn it over, fold it up, turn it over" and so on!  After much practice we ended up with eight spider legs!

We used 1/2" and 1/4" circles for the eyes and a wide oval punch to make the smiles on our fun spiders.  For the body, we traced a cake pan onto our card stock and cut it out.  Then we cut to the center and made a cone shape for the body.  Sweet Pea decided to decorate her spider with a pencil, thus the silver markings on the spider on the left.

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday! 

Details - Paper: Black, White and Red; Accessories: wide oval punch, 1/2" circle punch, 1/4" circle punch, kite string, glue stick, scissors, scor-pal, cake pan.

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